I just came across a video that is intended to deter drivers from texting while driving. It is definitely worth watching.


Mango and Shakira

August 21, 2009

Mango is a stoner cat. He is not smart and hyper-annoying like Mainsly. Mango can be found with a paw up his ass under my bed. There are times when Mango and Mainsly have silent deathmatch wrestling. It is an all out war but no meows, hissing or any noise whatsoever.  Mango also tends to get lost in my bathroom. He willgo behind the door and try to squeeze through the crack. Mango also likes to play hard to get. He will wander over to you looking like he wants you to pet him… then without warning he will sprint away as soon as you move your hand near him.  Mango at least covers his shits in the litter box so bonus points for that.

Anyway on to Shakira I have had a recent obsession with this song and video I just feel the need to share it because I enjoy dancing to it clothed and sometimes naked… it really depends on my mood.

Mainsly… the first post!

August 20, 2009

This is my 1st post could be my last who knows…

Kitty dont drink beer much but when he does it's Dos Equis!

Kitty dont drink beer much but when he does it's Dos Equis!

This is Mainsly. He is my nemesis. He is pure evil. I am losing sleep because of this innocent looking cat. Do not be fooled by his cute exterior. My girlfriend and I have been bit and scratched hundreds of times by this little angel. He also is obsessed with walking in front of me and getting stepped on. One would think he would learn a lesson after feeling me stomp on him several times a day? Mainsly is basically a puppy. He waits for me to get home, drinks out of the toilet, begs for food and believe it or not, actually plays fetch. Mainsly also takes the most stinky shits ever. I dont know what he eats behind my back but wow wow wow what comes out of his cute little tush is nuclear waste. Does he cover the waste with kitty litter? Of course he doesn’t,  he actually leaves those plutonium shits on top of the litter.  He also has a habit of meowing incessantly exactly 2 hours before I have to wake up in the morning. When I “rescued” him at a local animal shelter I was told he was found on the side of a highway… hmm I wonder why.